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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Essential Understandings for the First Two Units

Here are the Essential Understandings for the first two units we've studied in physics.

For the Lab and Data Analysis unit, most students have demonstrated mastery of 1.3 and 1.4, therefore those understandings are not likely to show up on a whole class quiz again.  Most students are still developing their understanding of 1.1 and 1.2, so those will likely show up again on future quizzes.  1.5 will be continuously assessed throughout the trimester.

Unit 1 -Lab and Data Analysis
1.1      Graph Analysis – Equation
I can find the equation of a linear function without the aid of a graphing program.
1.2      Graph Analysis – Variable
I can solve for the independent or dependent variable in a linear function.
1.3      Graph Units
I can find the units of the slope and vertical intercept for a linear relationship.
1.4      Physical Meaning
I can interpret the physical meaning of a linear equation (slope, vertical intercept, independent variable, dependent variable, etc) in a clear jargon-free sentence.
1.5      Units
I can assign the proper unit and correctly convert units.

For our second unit, we are still just beginning our study of most of these understandings, so they will make up the bulk of the quizzes for the next few weeks.

Unit 2 - Constant Velocity Particle Model
2.1      Break The Model
I can determine situations in which CVPM clearly applies, and situations in which it clearly does not apply.
2.2      Position Graph - Analysis
Given a position graph, I can sketch a velocity graph, motion map, and describe the motion in words.
2.3      Position Graph - Velocity
I can find the velocity of an object using the position vs time graph.
2.4      Average Velocity Versus Average Speed
I can distinguish the difference between velocity and speed and calculate both on a position vs time graph.
2.5      Velocity Graph - Displacement
I can determine the displacement (change in position) for an object using the velocity vs time graph.
2.6      Velocity Graph - Analysis
Given a velocity graph, I can sketch a position graph, motion map, and describe the motion in words.
2.7      Motion Map - Analysis
Given a motion map, I can sketch a velocity graph, position graph, and describe the motion in words.
2.8      Word Problems
I can solve word problems using the constant velocity particle model.
2.9      Distance Versus Displacement

I can distinguish the different between distance and displacement and calculate both on a velocity graph and/or a position graph.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Online games to build your graphing intuition!

These online games can be used to help buff up your understanding of graphs of motion!

Super Ultimate Graphing Challenge (Click on "Graph Game")


Also, if your reasoning score was less than a 7/13, it might be a good idea to give this game a whirl.  The password was given in class, and you should try to get through the first couple of levels over the next couple of weeks.


Buggy Intro Notes

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