Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sick and tired of being sick and tired....

...sorry gang, I know this is less than ideal.  Fever was worse on Wednesday, so I didn't get in to verify where you left off the day before.  Hopefully I'll be back on Friday so we can tie up the loose ends before break.  I'd like to quiz on Friday, but let's just worry about quizzing once we're back from spring break (and not until a couple of days into the week.)  Anyway, the videos from the other day dealt with objects that both initially start from rest.  Here's some follow up to go along with that and give you some practice at analyzing explosions.  Don't get too excited, this is a public school, our budget doesn't allow for videos of real explosions, you just get these videos of kids pooshing off of each other.  Craft IF Chartz for each of these situations, use the info on the video to determine things like velocity, and pmomentum.  Fit all that onto a whiteboard (are there any blank ones left? group some shorties together if you must!) and share it out near the end of the hour (it's ok if all groups aren't all the way done, least done group explains there answers for the first part, and you can just follow along from there.)  You don't need to put these in Logger Pro, you can just get the info that you need directly from the videos (hopefully.)

Anyway, grab a laptop (or use your own if it's fancy) and some whiteboards and have at these videos.

Video 1  Construct fully quantitative IF Chartz

Video 2  Construct fully quantitative IF Chartz

Video 3  Determine the mass of the gentleman on the right.

Class Instructions for Wednesday, March 8th

If you have completed presenting whiteboards for the problems 3-9 on the IF Chartz packet, go ahead and move on to the problems on this new worksheet, Momentum Problems 2.  You'll need to use the Impulse (product of UnBalanced Force and Time Interval) and Change in Pmomentum (product of mass and change in velocity) equation to solve some of these problems.  Recognize that "Impulse" would be found on a graph of Fu vs. t by finding the area between the graph and the x-axis.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Exploding Carts

As you view these videos, think about how the masses compare, and how the velocities compare (direction matters!)  After they 'interact' with each other, think about what the velocity-mass bar graph, aka IF Chart, would look like, and reconcile that with what the IF Chart would look like before the 'splosion,

Equal Mass Carts

Right Cart Twice as Massive as Left Cart