Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CAPM Carts Up and Down Ramps

Cart Up and Down Ramp, Period 1

From the Areas of the Velocity v. Time graph and Acceleration v. Time graph, we get Evan's Law and Carter's Law, respectively.

Cart Up and Down the Ramp, Period 2

From the Area of the Velocity v. Time graph and the Acceleration v. Time graph we get Emma's Law and Mackenzie's Law, respectively.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to deal with curvy position v. time graphs

Here's a video that explains a technique for analyzing that position v. time graph you just got done making.  Please follow this procedure and have your graph of that data ready to share in class tomorrow!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Essential Understandings for the BFPM

Unit 3 Balanced Force Particle Model (BFPM)

3.1  I can construct a system schema to determine all of the interactions a particle is experiencing.
3.2  I can identify and include all the necessary information when representing forces.
3.3  Weight and Mass – Can distinguish between the gravitational force on an object, and the mass of        the object.
3.4   If the forces on an object are balanced, I can use force diagrams to determine unknown forces acting on the object
3.5  I can describe forces in terms of interactions between two objects, and can utilize force pears to determine values of unknown forces acting on an object.
3.6  I can represent the forces on an object with dot and arrow (Free Body) diagrams.
3.7  I can identify conditions which indicate the forces on a particle are balanced.
3.8  I can determine situations in which the BFPM clearly applies, and situations in which it clearly does not apply.