Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Assignment

Break the CAPM Free Fall Model:  In preparation for next week's test, your assignment over break is to either find or make a video of something that is falling, and determine whether it obeys or breaks our CAPM Free Fall Model.  In order to make this determination, you can either use simple measurement devices like stopwatches (think about our analysis of the high dive fella), or you can make use of logger pro video analysis.

See this link for tips on Logger Pro Video Analysis (this is for a different lab, but video analysis is video analysis).

To capture your own video, you can use a video camera, a camera phone, basically anything that shoots digital video.  A video that is easy to analyze uses a high contrast between the object and the background (don't use a white ball on a white background), you'll need to have a reference measurement in the video (like the meter stick in the demo video, doesn't need to be a meter stick, it could be a person of known height).  Also, it's very important that you don't move the camera to follow the object.  Film from far enough back that you can capture the whole video without moving the camera.  If Logger Pro doesn't like your video format, you can use www.zamzar.com to convert it.

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