Friday, February 1, 2013

Video Analysis Lab

Alright, it was inevitable, we are now an online class....  At some point over the weekend, or perhaps during the day on Monday, you each need to perform a video analysis of the motion of a ball.  This can easily be done using Logger Pro.  If you would like to have Logger Pro on a home computer, and don't already, email me, and I'll send you the info.  Otherwise, you can do this project on any computer in the library at West High (they all have Logger Pro installed).

Here is the link for a tutorial video on How-To perform Logger Pro Video Analysis.

Your analysis will be different in that you will need the following four graphs ('cuz it's moving in two dimensions, Woah!) You only have to do the analysis once, getting the separate graphs just involves clicking on the vertical axis label. (Ooooh, and you also need to know that the scale should be set based on the  2 m stick, so find that in your video, Where's Waldo style.  Or use Mr. Harding for scale, he is 1.88 m tall)
  1. for the horizontal (X) position v. time
  2. for the vertical (Y) position v. time
  3. for the horizontal (X) Velocity v. time
  4. for the vertical (Y) Velocity v. time
 Find the slopes of any Linear graphs (you don't need to linearize the curvy ones).  This is easily done with Logger Pro.

Right Click and "save as" the link corresponding to your group in order to save the video on your computer.  I was unable to edit them down without sinking the resolution, so once you insert the video into Logger Pro, use the frame advance button to get to the part that's interesting, otherwise you're going to be clicking waaaaay more dots than necessary.

Tribe Called Quest
De La Soul
Public Enemy
Beastie Boys
Sugar Hill Gang
Digital Underground
Salt n Peppa
Erik B. & Rakim

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