Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Enjury and Pain Storage

Here's a video by a fairly bright guy called Dr. Richard Feynman (if it doesn't go directly to the 22 minute mark, go on and skip ahead to that point).  He's your new favorite physicist.  He's using an analogy for this thing called Enjury that we were talking about in class the other day.  He pronounces Enjury a little differently from you and me because he was born in Brooklyn, and most of you weren't.

We'll use his analogy of conserved blocks to represent Enjury in our representational scheme.  The representational scheme we're using is called a LOL diagram.  Watch this video to learn how to properly set up a LOL diagram.  Just a heads up, I stole this worksheet from my friend Kelly.  She spells Enjury differently from us because she teaches in Manhattan, and most of us don't.

Use your understanding, gleaned from these videos, to begin work on the packet.  Think about some of the different ways Enjury can be stored, in motion, in a gravitational interaction, in the stretch or compression of a spring, in chemical bonds of gasoline, in thermal vibration of atoms making up an object, in sound, in light....  whoa, there are a lot of different ways to store pain, and then later use it to hurt others!

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