Thursday, November 3, 2016

Essential Understandings for the BFPM

Unit 3 Balanced Force Particle Model (BFPM)

3.1  I can construct a system schema to determine all of the interactions a particle is experiencing.
3.2  I can identify and include all the necessary information when representing forces.
3.3  Weight and Mass – Can distinguish between the gravitational force on an object, and the mass of        the object.
3.4   If the forces on an object are balanced, I can use force diagrams to determine unknown forces acting on the object
3.5  I can describe forces in terms of interactions between two objects, and can utilize force pears to determine values of unknown forces acting on an object.
3.6  I can represent the forces on an object with dot and arrow (Free Body) diagrams.
3.7  I can identify conditions which indicate the forces on a particle are balanced.
3.8  I can determine situations in which the BFPM clearly applies, and situations in which it clearly does not apply.

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